3 Ways to Model “Remaining Open to Continuous Learning” for Your Students

You would be surprised how many students think that learning is “done” at a certain point. In a world as vast as ours, that moves as fast as ours, learning is never finished! So why do students have this misconception? Often it is because they never see adults as “beginners.” In our effort to assure children that we’re in control, they may be seeing knowledge as an end goal, rather than as a continuous path.

Being models for our children and students is one of the best ways to teach them lasting lessons. When you let students in the know that you’re still on the quest for knowledge, you’re actually modeling two habits—Remaining Open to Continuous Learning and Taking Responsible Risks. So how can you model Remaining Open to Continuous Learning?

Share what you’re still learning with your students!

  •  When you don’t know an answer, find it together as a class. Modeling the learning process, as something that still brings you joy. Doing that will incorporate another Habit into your room—Responding with Wonderment and Awe. 

Do you have any new hobbies?

  • Share your journey as a beginner. Though students may be amused to know that your first loaf of bread was a disaster, they’ll learn through your actions and language that you didn’t fail, you learned. Every expert was once a beginner!

Take an interest in their interests—especially those you know nothing about!

  • Students today are immersed in shows, music, book, hobbies and technology that adults come to with a learning curve. Model for them that you’re open to learning about the latest device or music!

Remaining Open to Continuous Learning is a skill that is modeled by our Habits of Mind animations. Learn more at www.habitsofmindkids.com!